Certified Genealogist 1995 to 2016

Locating missing heirs and beneficiaries


A probate genealogist completes research, identifies rightful heirs, prepares the required documentation and provides expert testimony at kinship hearings.

What we offer

Due diligence research for wills or full kinship research in intestate estates can be provided by the staff at HeirsIreland. With over 24 years’ experience on over 1000 cases we are ideally situated to complete kinship research even in the most difficult cases. To being the process, all we need is the name of the Irish person, his or her parents’ names and approximate date of birth.

Our fee schedule is available upon request.

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Eileen M. ÓDúill,CG, Research Director of HeirsIreland, is a Certified Genealogist and a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists. With 24 years experience in more than 1000 international estates, she is one of Ireland’s leading genealogists.