Certified Genealogist 1995 to 2016

Assistance with applications for Irish citizenship

What we offer

We are be more than happy to help you with your application for Irish citizenship. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss the specifics. Meanwhile, here is a list of documents required for an application for Irish citizenship:

  • Full birth certificate of claimant
  • Full marriage certificate of claimant’s parents
  • Full death certificate or current passport of claimant’s parent
  • Full birth certificate of claimant’s parent
  • Full marriage certificate of claimant’s grandparents’ marriage
  • Full death certificate of grandparent.
  • Full birth/baptismal certificate of grandparent or corroborating evidence.

Get in touch with Eileen

Eileen M. ÓDúill,CG, Research Director of HeirsIreland, is a Certified Genealogist and a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists. With 24 years experience in more than 1000 international estates, she is one of Ireland’s leading genealogists.