Certified Genealogist 1995 to 2016


Locating missing heirs and beneficiaries

A probate genealogist completes research, identifies rightful heirs, prepares the required documentation and provides expert testimony at kinship hearings. Due diligence research for wills or full kinship research in intestate estates can be provided by the staff at HeirsIreland.

Irish Genealogical Research

Staff at HeirsIreland can provide genealogical research particularly in the General Register Office in Dublin. As we specialize in mid 19th to the 21st century period, we can assist in locating living relatives in Ireland.

Locating living family members in Ireland

Family history research is as much about coming forward in time as it is about research the distant past. With our help, finding living relatives in Ireland is possible.

Affidavits and diligent research

Affidavits of heirship are required in many jurisdictions for both testate and intestate estates. We can provide affidavits which report the genealogical findings to identify rightful heirs. Family tree charts, keyed to the documents required as proofs can also be created.

Assistance with applications for Irish citizenship

We are be more than happy to help you with your application for Irish citizenship. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss the specifics. Meanwhile, here is a list of documents required for an application for Irish citizenship.

Lecturing on Irish genealogy and folklore

Eileen M. ÓDúill, CG has lectured on Irish genealogy Internationally since 1996. She offers a range of lectures and luncheon talks on Irish genealogy for family historians. She also can present a lecture on how the genealogist can assist lawyers and solicitors. Sean S. ÓDúill has lectured in Ireland and the United States on various aspects of Irish folklore.

Translation of Irish (Gaelic) documents

Irish is the first official language of Ireland and is still spoken in many areas of Ireland. Family papers are a rich source of genealogical information. When documents written in Irish (Gaelic) such as the one below, are located, they may pose a challenge.

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Eileen M. ÓDúill,CG, Research Director of HeirsIreland, is a Certified Genealogist and a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists. With 24 years experience in more than 1000 international estates, she is one of Ireland’s leading genealogists.