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Locating missing heirs and beneficiaries

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A probate genealogist completes research, identifies rightful heirs, prepares the required documentation and provides expert testimony at kinship hearings. Due diligence research for wills or full kinship research in intestate estates can be provided by the staff at HeirsIreland. With over 24 years’ experience on over 1000 cases we are ideally situated to complete kinship research even in the most difficult cases and complex estates. Assistance with preparing documents for acceptance outside of Ireland can also be provided

Irish Genealogical Research and Translation Services

Staff at HeirsIreland can provide genealogical research particularly in the General Register Office in Dublin. As we specialize in the 19th to the 21st century period, We can assist in locating living relatives in Ireland. We specialize in locating living relations and assist viisitors to locate and walk the land of their ancestors. We facilitate groups on research trips to the record repositories in Dublin. We obtain the documents required for Irish citizenship applications.. Documents in the Irish language (Gaelic) can be translated by a certified Irish translator.

Lectures and Workshops in Irish Genealogy and Folklore

Eileen M. ÓDúill, CG has lectured on Irish genealogy Internationally since 1996. She offers a range of lectures and luncheon talks for family historians. She offers a lecture on how the genealogist can assist lawyers and solicitors. Sean S. ÓDúill has lectured in Ireland and the United States on various aspects of Irish folklore. Of particular interest to family historians are his talks on matchmaking and marriage and death and burial customs in rural Ireland. As a team, the ÓDúills can provide a one day seminar combining genealogy and folklore.

New presentation: How a genealogist can assist a solicitor

Heirsireland and Eneclann, over 40 years of combined experience

Eneclann, legal and probate division and HeirsIreland have combined their expertise to offer a comprehensive service to the legal profession in any probate matters which require research and documentation of Irish born heirs.
With over 40 years combined experience in legal, title and probate research, we have experience in over 1000 estates proving kinship in even the most difficult cases.

How a genealogist can assist a solicitor

We have a one hour presentation to Irish solicitors entitled: “How a genealogist can assist a solicitor” to groups in Ireland. Booking for groups anywhere in Ireland via email through